Thursday, December 4, 2008

Git is better than X

I found this link over on the blog:

Of course, git is awesome and doesn't need selling, but if it did, that page does a pretty good job at it.


Anders Norgaard said...

Ok, git is better than X, but is it better than Wayland...? :o)

daniels said...

X: not a metasyntatic variable.

Anonymous said...

Ah.. So git will replace Xorg in the long run? :D

Anonymous said...'s much faster than X, and doesn't have lots of old code either.. so it could replace.. but I wonder whether Linus is gonna support nvidia hardware ;) And whether AMD and Intel are interested ;;) You see, it's so much harder for X :))

Justin Lee said...

where "X" is one of ---> hg bzr svn perforce

...see the upper-right corner of the original page