Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New version of cgit

Lars Hjemli recently released a new version of cgit, the unbelievably fast web front-end for git. I just updated the cgit installation on and the end result is pretty nice. It still has good looking, easy to type URLs such as

and a cool new feature is the ability to only show the 10 most recently active branches and tags in the summary page. The X server has over 50 old branches sitting around from the CVS import and they're typically not interesting. Also new is the sidebar, which has a very useful drop-down box for switching between branches, and the fast and useful search field.


Patrick Ohearn said...

Is there any way to order by idle time? cgit seems to be missing the feature from gitweb that allows you to click on the header names to order by that field.

Anonymous said...

One thing cgit really needs to do is format the text in the blob view in such a way that you can copy and paste it without also getting the line numbers.