Monday, May 21, 2007

i830 Update

Since my previous post about the intel driver and the i830 chipset, Keith has fixed the remaining issues and as far as I can tell, everything is working as expected. Specifically, the load detection code now works and can see whether or not there's an external monitor connected, scaling of non-native panel modes work, and the output code does a better job of automatically assigning CRTC to outputs.

If anybody out there with i830 laptops wants to give this a spin, that'd be great. The master branch in the xf86-video-intel git repository should work out of the box, or you can try one of these RPMs, if you have at least a 1.3 X server:

Once rawhide gets rolling again, we'll push it in there, and if everything goes well, phase out the old bios-based driver.


oshag03 said...

I am very interested in getting this update to work for me. My Dell Inspiron 2600 uses Intels i830 chipset. Could you explain how I need to install the RPM, I keep getting errors

osma said...

to oshag03, it conflicts with xorg-x11-drv-i810, so you'll need to --force the install.

My 852GM laptop suffers from xorg at times crashing or hanging on display mode changes, ie repeat "xrandr --output VGA --auto; sleep 5; xrandr --output VGA --off" enough times, and it'll go boom eventually. This RPM did not fix that problem. Not sure if it performs better in other ways..